Jul 22

The Power of a Simple Idea


Thanks to Osocio's always informative blog, I was recently reminded of a campaign I came across two years ago while out to dinner at Brasserie Beck in Washington, D.C.: UNICEF’s  tap project

The idea behind this campaign was simple: ask restaurant patrons to donate one dollar for the tap water they usually drink for free. 

As seen on Osocio, the project has also found an innovative way to collect dollars with vending machines.  You can select from your choice of water flavors including cholera, dengue, dysentery, hepatitis, malaria, salmonella and yellow fever. 

Now entering its third year, this successful campaign is a solid example of how a smart —yet simple —idea with a strong and immediate call to action can keep reinventing itself.  

In addition, it reminded me that we all should start thinking of plans for World Water Week 2011.


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