Nov 8

Election Reflections 2012: DC Social Impact Team Talks Election


 There’s nothing quite like election night in DC! Check out what our politically-charged Social Impact DC team has to say about the election and what their looking forward to in 2016. 

Lauren Balog Wright
On election night I…
Spent the night with friends watching the returns into the wee hours at my apartment with way too much food, laughs, pundits, and of course, Twitter.

My favorite Election tweet was…
Hands down this tweet from @BarackObama. Not only has it become the most retweeted tweet ever, but it showcases the strong relationship between President Obama and the First Lady. It’s a really special photo for a very special and historic moment. I can see why so many people retweeted and favorited it. 
My favorite election gaffe was… 
Too many to count! From Mitt Romney suggesting he would fire Big Bird due to budget cuts at PBS in a Romney administration to Joe Biden calling the president’s opponent “Mitch Romney,” 2012 did not disappoint when it came to funny and ridiculous political moments. 
Bradley Portnoy (Former New Media Strategist with Obama for America)
On election night I…
Enjoyed being a spectator rather than a participant, at least this one time.
For 2016, I hope…
That we continue the trends that are already in motion toward marriage equality and greater representation of women and minorities in elected office.
Jenny Palmer (Former Digital Advertising intern with Obama for America)
My favorite election tweet was… 
When Nate Silver aka @fivethirtyeight tweeted, “This is probably a good time to link to my book.”
My favorite election gaffe was…
Romney’s ‘binders full of women’ comment. I loved the Internet’s reaction, especially the Ryan Gosling meme.
Jackie Titus
On election night I…
Voted, watched 20 minutes of election coverage and then woke up to a re-elected President. 

For 2016, I hope…
For a shorter election cycle!  
Teodora Blindu
My first-ever US election was…
Incredibly exciting. I can vote! My voice matters!

My favorite election tweet was…
From They Might Be Giants, @tmbg: "And Diane Sawyer declares tonight's winner is… Chardonnay!"  
Lauren DiPaola
My favorite Election tweet was…
I didn't have a favorite tweet, but the "Texts From Hillary" memes during this election were hilarious. 
For 2016, I hope…
Our country can move away from the extreme party politics. It would be nice for our political leaders to find a middle ground to represent the views of younger generations.

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