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Nov 24

Scaling the Art of the Small


It’s a classic challenge: you’ve identified the need, but how do you have impact? How do you create that campaign on a national or international scale that actually changes how people live for the better?  Permit me to make a suggestion: the Art of the Small. Or, rather, scaling the Art of the Small.

If you’ve never heard of the Art of the Small, it’s a Jedi Force technique wherein if you narrow your focus, essentially you can create change.  Applied outside of the big screen, the lesson from the Jedi master is that you can find the answer by breaking down a problem bit by bit and focusing on the smaller solutions that appear.

Our client, Be the Change, Inc. (BTC), a non-partisan national service nonprofit, took that approach with its recent campaign, MISSION SERVE.  In trying to determine how it could help fill the gap for members of the armed services and their families during the often difficult transition from battlefield to home community, BTC narrowed its vision.  It recognized that in individual communities across our country, small nonprofits are coming up with innovative and effective solutions to address the challenges facing our military community.  Then, it took those solutions to scale by matching the small nonprofits with larger organizations that have networks of affiliates working in every corner of our country.  Through these connections, they have been able to build bold, scalable and smart solutions that achieve maximum impact.

With over 36 partnerships underway and more on the horizon, the initiatives being created by scaling the Art of the Small are touching the lives of tens of thousands of members of the military community and unleashing the energy and innovation of the service sector to address some of the most pressing social problems in our country.


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