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Mar 18

Closer to the bump-to-donate world?

Victoria Baxter

PayPal released a new iPhone application that allows you to bump iPhones to exchange money.   If you needed to pay your friend back the $10 he lent you, simply choose his name from your contact list and bump your iPhone against his.  Information is exchanged between the phones and the money gets transferred instantly.

This is great for paying back friends, but has so many possibilities for collecting donations at live events.  You want to catch people when they are most inspired, but sometimes your event is at a place that won’t allow you to accept cash donations or people don’t have cash or a checkbook handy.  (Who’s walking around with a checkbook anyway?)

Sending funds through PayPal allows you to donate more than the current $5 or $10 donation level you can make through most text to give programs since you are sending money from your own account and not applying the donation to your cell phone bill.  The obvious limitation is that, at least right now, you need a donor with an iPhone and you both need a PayPal account.  Many nonprofits have set up accounts with PayPal, which has developed reduced transaction fees for nonprofits.

My nonprofit wish list for this bump app is to include the option to automatically post a message to your Facebook and Twitter profiles to let your networks know that you just donated to a great cause and encourage them to join you by giving them all the information they  need to donate and a link to the organization’s site to learn more.


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