Global Giving

Mar 4

Making Twitter Work for You

Paul Massey

Today’s New York Times features Getting the Most Out of Twitter, and it echoes a number of the conversations our team is having with nonprofit and foundation leaders on how to make Twitter work for their organizations. 

Many nonprofits have demonstrated that they are a force on Twitter. They are connecting with advocates, sharing updates and providing insights on their work. Above all, they’re participating in the ongoing conversation on Twitter that makes the medium so compelling.

Check out yesterday’s list of Top 25 Nonprofit Tweeters, which features organizations such as Acumen Fund, Ashoka, Global Giving, among others, to get a sense of what nonprofits are doing on Twitter. 

And, if you’re having conversations with your nonprofit executive director or board members about whether Twitter is right for you, take a look at today’s NYT. It offers great suggestions from Claire Cain Miller on how to make Twitter work for you, including:

  • Discovering the value of custom news feeds
  • Making lists to help you key into relevant content
  • Plugging into conferences happening around the world
  • Localizing information about what’s happening in your city
  • Soliciting expert opinions on questions you need answered


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