Mar 8

Make Every Day International Women's Day

Maureen Golga

For nearly a century, March 8th has been recognized around the world as International Women’s Day.  I plan to mark the occasion by celebrating the strong, intelligent, caring and joyous women that I am proud to have as family and friends.  But I also challenge myself and everyone to go one step further: Use today to take an action in support of equal rights for women and girls. 

  • Educate Yourself: Read Half the Sky.  Check out the Girl Up video to see the mind-bogglingly awful choices faced by millions of women the world over on a daily basis.  Learn about the United Nation’s take on how empowering women may be a step towards peace. Anything to get smarter about the realities faced by women and girls around the world.  
  • Support an Organization that Targets Aid to Women and Girls:  Make a donation to a group that helps stop gender violence in the developing world.  Volunteer at a local domestic violence shelter.  Take on a mentor role for a young girl in your community.  The possibilities are endless, but the key is to do something positive today to impact a woman or girl tomorrow.    
  • Remember Your Inner Girl:  Most of us grew up with parents, teachers and coaches telling us we can be anything we want to be.  I bet Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow has an adult or two to thank for encouraging her to pursue a career and a life not typically seen as one for a woman.  By remembering that girl who thought anything was possible on a daily basis, you won’t need an annual event like International Women’s Day to remind you that millions of women and girls out there need our help to protect and enhance their human rights.


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