Apr 22

Video Killed the Radio Star

Victoria Baxter

Infographic videos are an emerging trend online.  They take a data laden subject and illustrate it using graphics, text and symbols, weaving each piece of information together into a story that can often be quite moving. In the same way that a graph makes trends and other information more apparent, infographic videos help people see the connection between different data points. 
Check out our animated infographic video we created for our client, The MasterCard Foundation.  This video tells the story of what the impact will be of the foundation’s $4.5 million grant  to Haiti’s largest microfinance provider Fonkoze.  This grant will help them to restore their destroyed headquarters and enable its poorest clients – mostly women in rural areas – to build new livelihoods after the devastating earthquake.

Video is a perfect example of a portable content – quick and interesting stories and visuals that are easily shared across social networks.  The video allowed us to reach an audience of foundation partners, friends and people interested in Haiti’s recovery in a way that even your most compellingly written press release could never do. The video was shared widely on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.



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